Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Moved in!

Hi there!

   It has been a busy month!  We've sold our house in Ottawa and moved to our new home in Osgoode two weeks ago.   We are finally unpacked (well... maybe halfway there...) and settled in.

New (old) house.

   Well, I didn't waste too much time and got busy planting my new vineyard.  Our new place is on six acres so I'll have plenty of room for the grapes.  It will be interesting to see the difference between this location (silt/clay soil with limestone base) and my other vineyard which is just around the "block" (we have very large blocks around here...) also in Osgoode where the soil is very sandy (and deep!). 

Here are a few  pictures...
New vineyard...

... and plenty of room for more!...

... and even more here (if I can convince the boss to cut a few trees).

Don't have a plan for this one yet!

Longest driveway I've ever had (1/4 mile).

And that'll be fun too!

'Till next time...